Environmental Policy

It is the code of DYNAMIC AIRCON PVT LTD to carry out its business in a manner that will ensure minimum or no harm to the environment. It is also our Company’s policy that none of our activities should have any polluting effect on the atmosphere, ground, or water supplies.

We intend to keep the limited waste with cuts of cable and unusable items of equipments such as accessories, Consumables, fittings, spares etc. All disposable waste is taken to approved tips by either company transport or duly authorized refuge collectors.

Whenever possible, in our effort to conserve environmental resources, the company utilizes recycled materials. These items include paper, sheet metal, overhead and underground aluminum and copper pipes and cables. So, our objectives are therefore,

  • To reduce or eliminate emissions of exhausts, noise, smell or smoke.
  • To prevent contamination of land and water.
  • Promote the use of sustainable, recycled and renewable resources.
  • To minimize waste and energy consumption.